A Whole New World: 12 Luxurious Turkish Fabrics That’ll Transform Your Home

Article Featured in Boston Magazine Online! 

Holding what’s said to be “the finest needle in the world,” few fabrics define a home the way those from Turkey can. After all, the Turks were originators of the woven art centuries ago when enchanted tales of flying carpets delighted crowds.

Now — a world away at full-service home décor shop, Zimman’s in Lynn — Turkish fabrics are sought by homeowners and decorators who shop over 50,000 fabricsrugs and lightingcustom window treatmentsfurniture, and re-upholstery services suitable for sultans.

And while ornate, richly-colored Turkish fabrics must be seen in person to be truly appreciated, we found these ones particularly mesmerizing while perusing the Best of Boston winner’s extensive fabric floor:

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