Zimman’s is Zimman’s because of the designers and industry experts you will meet here. They offer the unparalleled service that makes the store the treasure that it is. Our designers help you from start to finish, guiding you from fabric selection to the design of any room in your home. We measure, install, pick up and deliver, and design services are free. Please meet our team: 



Glenn @zimmans.com

There is a certain appreciation of fine fabrics that one can only have if you’ve worked in men’s fine apparel for a dozen years. Add twenty years more here at Zimman’s and you’ll observe a man with exceptional fabric knowledge and style. Glenn listens closely to his clients, and then guides them through the reupholstery or custom process with confidence, helping to create enduring additions to their homes. And how does Glenn decorate at home? Simply. He reaches back to his Men’s’ suiting days, and has surrounded himself in clean and sleek shapes in shades of grey flannel, pewter, burnished finishes, and deconstructed forms - all perfectly defining his personal style.

Glenn's guilty pleasure? Baked goods, everyday!


Susan @zimmans.com

A retail veteran with over ten years in retail management before she arrived at Zimman’s, Susan knows what it’s like to work really really hard. Her passion for home furnishings is reflected in how we see her eyes light up every single time new furnishings are unpacked, or when a customer falls in love with an item. Like the others, she puts great emphasis on the pleasure in meeting all sorts of people on the job; the entrepreneur, the baker, the professor; they all walk through the second floor. No matter who comes through, she shares a wealth of product knowledge of furniture, lighting, carpets and accessories. Susan brings her thirteen years experience home with her, styling new vignettes in every room, putting finishing touches on the home she renovated.

Dream Home? A simple cottage near the coast loaded with sunlight & slipcovers and hydrangeas in the yard.


Laura S @zimmans.com

Educated in textile design at FIT in New York City, and later managing clients in some of the best home furnishings establishments in Boston; Laura will be the first to tell you it’s not about design first. She is all about her clients; her passion is for people and how to make their dreams of new rooms match their lifestyle and expectations. For over nine years, Laura has worked with customers from all corners of the world, and treats each and every one as the interesting individual that they are. She is respected among her associates as an excellent colorist, making surprising selections that delight her customers.

Her design sensibilities even follow her on vacation, where “Glamping” is her method of relaxing - for a girl that can’t make a move without her trusty lipstick, it’s a perfect hobby.


Margaret @zimmans.com

The single word that describes her style: classic. Margaret knows trends come and go and that real style is about incorporating things you love into an environment you can enjoy confidently everyday. She believes that interiors are fundamentally personal and adapts to work in the style of her clients.

Throughout her career, Margaret has enjoyed working with a wide array of design elements including furnishings, window treatments, paint color and tile - while applying space planning and project management skills to her projects.

Her Motto: “Good design doesn’t have to be intimidating


Laura T @zimmans.com

LT has work in retail since she was 16 years old. She spent her first 12 years working for luxury brands. Her taste covers the entire spectrum, but if she had to sum it up in three words, it would be modern, mid-century and contemporary. LT loves working with everyone and believes that “all clients should be treated as a best friend, someone I can give my honest opinion too.”

Guilty Pleasure? Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

Michele M

Michele M @zimmans.com

This designer has a passion for fabric that started long ago at the Boston Design Center where she was involved with contract and commercial textiles for Scalamandre. Over the past nine years, Michele has managed to live a “double life” of sorts, working in the travel industry as well as being a part time Zimman’s designer. She is known for helping her customers find their “eclectic self”. She likes to get to know her clients, often imagining how they might look sitting on their new Zimman’s sofa. She will help her customers define color palettes for their projects, from window covering to upholstery, suggesting combinations of prints and patterns they might not have considered; only to be surprised and thrilled with the result. What else can you expect from a designer who once made her favorite shower curtain into a jacket?

Susan M

Susan M @zimmans.com

If you began sewing at 8 years old, had your own drapery business for 35 years, and were looking for a challenge, what would you do? Run the Zimman’s custom business of course! Susan M is that super detail focused mathematician/magician who makes our custom window treatments fit and our customers smile. Even after fourteen years she loves a challenge and “doing” a whole home is her ideal project. Ask Susan for advice on what hardware to use, what types of fabric will work, and you’ll be watching a consummate pro solve your design dilemmas. And she isn’t all about window covering either – bedding, table rounds and more all fit into that custom category. What does Susan M do for fun? You could have guessed it – she has triple layers of window covering on each window in her home – it’s a true home/showroom!


Norma @zimmans.com

So one of her professors says, “try Zimman’s for a job”, and eighteen years later, here is Norma. She has worked on the first floor, what she calls her “tour of duty”’ and now is working in her own small corner of the world known as the Zimman’s basement. Filled with trims, pillow forms, discount fabrics, hardware, special use fabrics, feathers, foam, and notions galore, it is a place to find all the components that make an upholstery job or decorative pillow extraordinary. And Norma knows about the values to be found in this area, listening to the comments of happy and surprised shoppers. Her experience includes knowing what New Englanders like and buy, and she works with her sales reps to find what we really really want. Free time? Norma sews without a pattern, and is reinventing her home (in her mind) every single day. So, if you need something to make a project perfect, visit Norma, downstairs at Zimman’s.

What’s in her Fridge? Leftovers & Kool Aid for the kids!


Pon @zimmans.com

So these great kids from St Mary’s in Lynn came in looking for after school jobs, and led by one young girl named Pon, they cleaned up the aisles, rolled fabrics, and generally neatened up the joint. 22 years later, Pon is a vital part of the Zimman’s operation, handling the fine details of the reupholstery orders. She checks the piece in, she checks the piece out. She coordinates all phases of the project, ensuring that your order is handled and inspected properly. Admittedly, Pon is crazy for the details, but she has a good reason. As she puts it,” an unhappy customer means I didn’t do my job well”, and well, who wants that? Ask Pon about her interests and she puts it simply’ “family”. Is she as organized at home? “I’m neat at home too, that’s just how it works”.

Dream House? It must have a built-in pool!


Stephanie @zimmans.com

Her degree in fashion design began a career path destined for Zimman’s. Managing a retail store in Washington D.C., a few more classes in textiles, and in walked Stephanie. A 50,000 fabric inventory “all in her head” makes her the go-to person for finding a specific pattern. If a client from Seattle is calling for a certain fabric and colorway, Stephanie is there to help. She will find out if the pattern is on the floor, or can be ordered. Even after seven years, her textile knowledge is constantly growing, and she is the one to ask if a fabric is suited to your intended purpose. As she says, “it’s okay to be overwhelmed, take a lap first!” to first time customers. As they circle the first floor, she reminds them that the fabric hunt WILL be fun, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Stephanie still finds time to design and sew, and is a fabric collector, limited apparently, only to the size of her home!

Guilty Pleasure? Collecting fabrics - what else!